Delivered 5x More Presentations with 80%-90% Conversion by Making a Simple Approach Easily Duplicatable.

Case Study

The Challenges


The group needed a easy fun approach to motivate partners to want to share the business with others and re-ignite older business builders.


The other high tech strategies were not compliant and where burning the field with low converting mass communication methods.


Closing was difficult to duplicate and required many real life experiences to find what worked for them.

What We Created... 

We created a series of professionally written approach message templates using the "send information" feature in HomeOfficePro to simplify an approach anyone could see themselves doing.

Using the trackable self expiring links available in HomeOfficePro, we were able to protect presentations using a unique passkey for each prospect. This made online presentations easy to share while staying compliant with company policies.

To improve each members ability to close, we built the closing process into the website so members simply had to follow the steps on screen after showing the pre-recorded presentation video.

Results that were accomplished as
a result of working with us


By combining high tech with high touch, we increase the number of presentations that were given by 5x and got an 80% to 90% conversion rate with the online presentation.


The trackable expiring links made it impossible to abuse, forcing the communication to be more personal and making it more compliant than the company requirements.


Closing became as simple to duplicate as following the steps on the screen, increasing confidence and the success rate through all generations of their organization.

Here is what the members say about
the 123 Go Green system. 

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